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About Us

About Us

Hello from Andrew, Nicola, Aaron and Luke… and Shadow the Sheepdog!

Here’s a little bit more about us, Andrew has been farming at Springhill for 25 years. In his younger days Andrew would go off shearing sheep in Norway, New Zealand and throughout the UK. Not only was this a job but Andrew used to compete on the shearing circuit which bought him success and the honour of competing for England at the world shearing championships. Andrew used his hard-earned pennies to help set up his beef and sheep farming business. Originally, Springhill was just a block of land when his parents bought it in 1994.

Andrew and Nicola have been farming at Springhill for 5 years together. There’s also Aaron who is 14 and Luke who is 4. Both boys are hugely passionate about farming and play an integral part of the Springhill team.
Nicola is from a farming family and studied agriculture at Harper Adams Agricultural college after spending two years travelling and working in New Zealand and Australia. In 2007 an opportunity arose to set up her own Texel flock – “Riverdale Texels”. Five shearling ewes were purchased from the Douganhill flock and we now run a flock of 50 Pedigree Texels.

Aaron has his own flock of 15 pedigree Texels – Yorkshiredale Texels. We enjoy showing them at local shows including the North Yorkshire County Show, The Great Yorkshire Show, The Wensleydale Show and of course Masham Sheep Fair which is just down the road from Springhill.

Luke can often be seen ‘helping’ on the farm in his own special way, whether that’s mucking out his chickens, or keeping Andrew and Nicola right when he’s lambing – he’s very hands on and doesn’t mind getting mucky!

Luke was given a Beltex Gimmer Lamb by his godfather for his christening present, he has grown to love them and now has a flock of 8 Beltex Ewes. Luke started showing his Ewes last year and has also taken part in the Young Handlers shows.

The cattle run at Springhill are predominately Angus x cows to the Charolais and Angus bull. All the beef cattle are finished on the holding. Three years ago, we were approached by The Whole Ox Roast Company run by Ian Bell (Nicola’s brother) to supply Dexter Cattle for his Ox roast machine. After the feedback and our own experience of tasting Dexter Beef it was decided that more people should enjoy the taste of Dexter Beef.

Hence we have now established a small herd of Dexter breeding cattle.

At Springhill our stock comprises of:

  • A pedigree flock of 50 Texel’s – Riverdale Texels
  • 60 Calf Suckler Cows – Angus and Angus x Cows (to the Angus and Charolaise Bull)
  • Commercial flock of 500 Romney and Highlander sheep
  • Not forgetting our 15 Dexter Cows and a Bull!