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Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle

Reared with care in a natural environment

Dexter cows are an old native breed that originate from south west Ireland.  There are two recognised types, short legged and the non-short legged which we breed at Springhill Farm.  The breed comes in three colours, black, red and dun.

Dexter cattle need time to mature and grow, grazing outside on the herb rich pastures of Wensleydale, they are over two years old before they are ready. Dexter cattle are a lot smaller than modern commercial beef cattle but this helps them to produce what we think is "The Best Beef You Can Buy."

We have recently become members of the Pedigree Dexter Cattle society. Our small herd of Pedigree Dexter cattle are called the “Jervaulx Dexters”, We have 12 registered Pedigree Dexter cows. Our aim is to have our whole herd of Dexter’s fully registered.

Dexter beef tastes absolutely divine, people often comment on just how unique the taste is and that it actually tastes like ‘proper beef’. Our Dexter beef comes in smaller family sized joints and cuts, and it always cooks perfectly due to its superb marbling.

Here at Springhill Farm we’re also a member of the red tractor farm assured beef and lamb scheme.

We sell Dexter beef in 5kg & 10kg boxes, bbq boxes, Dexter biltong and also have joints, steaks, burgers and other cuts availble to buy individually. Click here to find out more